~ Learning Life Lessons in Lonavala ~

Have you ever felt that you are stuck somewhere between 9am to 5pm? Do you find yourself confined within those four walls of your room which has a closed window where even the light struggles to beam in?

Yes, I found myself within the quagmires and wanted a day away from the tornado of my own thoughts. I longed to escape and embrace nature. I wanted to travel, talk to nature, touch the dew drops and smell the sunlight.

So just to break the monotony, I went on a road trip to Lonavala with my friends in the early morning. This place being just an hour away from my home, is a gem during monsoon. An endless road, mosaicked with shades of green, drizzle knocking the windshields of our car and my favourite song playing alongside – I couldn’t have asked for more.

As the road trip began, somewhere in the middle of the highway I realized my eyes struggled to adjust to the morning brightness – an indication of how much I missed beginning my day on a brighter note. Finally, I was on a journey to self-help and rediscover my missing optimism. My eyes captured the panoramic view and welcomed every shade of nature as if trying to soak in all the magic the nature had in store.
My stomach growled and we took a quick breakfast break in Khopoli. Sitting over a rock along the hill, gazing at the sky filled with clouds ready to pour in the rain, I relished village style “Kande Pohe” garnished with grated coconut and aromatic “adrak wali chaay” in an earthen cup. A perfect weather along with your favourite food is the best combination ever.
After fuelling our stomachs full with delicious breakfast, we headed towards the “Tiger’s Point” in Lonavala. As we drove up the hill, we were embraced by a fog bank. There came a point, when nothing was visible. Taking slow and steady turns, we reached the destination and parked our car safely.

Railing over the cliff, I found the landscape covered with thick fog. I stood amidst the clouds and closed my eyes to listen to the language of silence followed by inner peace. I stretched my arms to feel the cool breeze tousling my hair and every tiny droplet caressing my face, enchanting me and stirring every emotion in my heart.

After a while, when the fog settled down, we were brought in to see a beautiful picturesque any eye could ever see. Monsoon had sprinkled its magic all over the hill. The yellow and violet flowers amidst the greenery set up a perfect scenery to mesmerize. Trekking over the beautiful hill and reaching on top to capture the entire panorama of nature at once, filled my heart with tranquillity. I realised, this quick road trip helped me restore my energy and a zeal for travel and adventure.
When we started descending the hill, a ray of sunshine cascaded with casual elegance onto our way redirecting us to a beautiful rainbow. I glanced upon it and thought to myself – “This is what life is all about, an amalgamation of dark clouds, thick fog, bizarre lightening, heavy rain, rays of sunshine and a beautiful rainbow”.


~Life is Good~

“Wake Up Sid! “ – This movie is very close to my heart. When I first watched it, my love for Mumbai grew fonder and my dream of being independent got an ignition. Mumbai became my dream city and in my imagination I was already a Mumbaikar with my dream job as a Writer, penning down in the most beautiful leather diary, sitting on a cosy sofa in a sea-facing beautiful apartment.

And as people say, “When you really desire something from the heart and soul, the entire universe conspires you to achieve it.” I was relocated to Mumbai location and started to live my imagination. It was now time to find that sea-facing apartment which I would paint with my stories. I weaved an imagination of how I would decorate my new house, for I thought finding a home in a city like Mumbai would be easy as it was portrayed in the movie. The first house she goes to have a glimpse upon, turns out to be her perfect comfortable space.

My story of house hunting turned out to be exactly opposite. I hopped on hundreds of flats in the monsoon, struggling between delayed railway lines (a Mumbaikar would be able to relate), denial from auto drivers; house filled with damped walls and water leakage everywhere which continued with every minute calls from various brokers. After every rainy night, the rainbow shows up and similarly I found my own comfortable space in the city of dreams after a struggle filled house hunt.

My new house – was not sea-faced, didn’t have the comfortable sofa, I still don’t own the most beautiful leather diary, but I feel life is good. There is a window in my house, bordered with a small cosy sitting area where I gaze around the nature, enjoy the smell of sunlight and write my heart out. And then I feel the struggle of finding my comfortable space is in itself an achievement and a very thrilling experience which would always motivate me to survive the struggle and reach the success. The more difficult something is, the more rewarding it is in the end.

~ Tornado of Thoughts ~

I want One Day away from the tornado of my own thoughts.

The thoughts clinching me with their inevitable powers.

The thought of tomorrow, ruining my present. And the present that longs for a beautiful tomorrow.

Not a second in my entire day which goes without thinking of what I will make of my tomorrow.

There are successful puppets around me, all blowing their own trumpet, narrating stories of their struggles and success, almost insulting me of what I could not do.

Think about a successful career, the fast-paced rat race.

Think about “What would you do 10 years down the line?”

Think about owning a perfect figure so you can tell your “flab to fab” stories.

Think about Love.

Think about Work.

Think about your Self-guilt.

And then one day, just die under the weight of these thoughts.

~ Being a Majestic Mughlai @ Gulzar-E-Mohammadi ~ #Food_Writing


Gulzar-e-Mohammadi – Its food is as royal as its name. This, “Since 1932” Irani-Mughlai Restaurant, is located at the heart of Pune City – Camp (Shivaji Market).

Is there any beautiful view in the world than the unusual seekh kababs grilling over tandoor, served with a sprig of mint & lemon, and hot lachha parathas being served alongside? No! Definitely not!

This place serves the most authentic Mughlai taste in Pune. Be it Kheema, Chelow Morgh, Butter Chicken or Seekh Kabab with Lachha Paratha – This place is undoubtedly  the best foodie decision to make.

How would I like to rate this place???

  • FOOD – 4.5
  • SERVICE – 5
  • AMBIANCE – 3

If you are the kind of a person who doesn’t mind the ambiance and locality of the place and truly believes in gormandizing and exploring new tastes and delicacies, then this is the place which will never ever disappoint you!




~Begining of an Odyssey~

Have you ever asked yourself that which phase in your life was the most memorable one?
This question takes me back to the first day of my college when I had tears rolling down my cheeks while bidding a goodbye to my parents. A goodbye brought along with it many first hellos from new friends. So there I was, all alone in a hostel away from my home for the first time. I made some new friends and the feeling was different. Yes, I was alone but not lonely. I knew I would experience pressure, deadlines, joys, sorrows, friendship, love, betrayal all at once and I wanted to see even their perception of living life this way. May be they had their new styles of enjoying this new phase of life. So basically I was here to LEARN, EXPLORE, DREAM and ACHIEVE. I was here to realize that sky is not a limit, it’s a destiny.
Each day brought along some lesson to learn. The first fight with my best friend taught me that she is one such friend I can bet my life upon. The first lunch in canteen made me realise the value of mom-made food. The first backlog taught me to face what we must face. The first drink with my friends made me realize that it’s okay to break the rules sometimes. The first love gave me an over the rainbow feeling. The first shopping made me a better bargainer. And there just cannot be an end to these moments. Each first time made me who I am today.
Away from my family, I experienced freedom and a zeal to travel and explore new places, new roads, new journeys, new people and a new pack of memories altogether. I traveled in state transport buses, been to different villages away from the chaos of city life, spoke to local people, did river rafting, paragliding, trekking and meanwhile I realized my love for inking such crazy adventures. We build a mosaic of memories, a panorama of beautiful life and a bond of trust with some crazy friends for a lifetime. The odyssey has been thrilling with many ups and downs giving a bunch of moments to cherish for a lifetime.
Being in the last year of such an amazing college life, I would like to ask myself a question. Would that feeling of every first times had been the same if there was nobody to share them with? Would this college life become special without my friends who always walked along in this odyssey of life? NO.
Another year, and people will sparse away. The beginning of another phase will begin once again. Everything will change once again. What will remain the same is the Memories. Memories, which made me write my book of life.

Well, I have got my answer to the question.
Did you get yours???


Far away from the clamor of city life, there I was to treasure Tarkarli and take back a huge pack of memories… I indeed needed a break from hustle and bustle of this big city, thus Tarkarli became the epicenter of my thoughts that has triggered the setting of beach theme.


As I hear the word Tarkarli, a beautiful picturesque of a serene beach reflecting its shades of blue appears in front of my eyes. I find myself totally contemplated by the tranquility of Tarkarli beach.

To touch the sands of Tarkarli beach one can board a bus for Malavan from Swargate ST Stand in just 320/- . A connecting bus from Malavan to Tarkarli is available at just 169/- . That is the reason I love travelling in State Transport .

As we reached, we were welcomed by the drizzle of happiness all around us…which later continued with a Candle Light Dinner – Authentic Malvani Food… #Yummy  The next day we headed to explore the tranquility of Tarkarli. The Dolphin point and Deobagh beach were a perfect destination to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature…

To take a break from your busy life, Visit the nature’s lap in Tarkarli… extremely Rejuvenated…