~ Tornado of Thoughts ~

I want One Day away from the tornado of my own thoughts.

The thoughts clinching me with their inevitable powers.

The thought of tomorrow, ruining my present. And the present that longs for a beautiful tomorrow.

Not a second in my entire day which goes without thinking of what I will make of my tomorrow.

There are successful puppets around me, all blowing their own trumpet, narrating stories of their struggles and success, almost insulting me of what I could not do.

Think about a successful career, the fast-paced rat race.

Think about “What would you do 10 years down the line?”

Think about owning a perfect figure so you can tell your “flab to fab” stories.

Think about Love.

Think about Work.

Think about your Self-guilt.

And then one day, just die under the weight of these thoughts.


~ SHE – An Untold Story ~

Her kohled eyes, a window to her soul.

A soul that dances out of all quagmires of Life.

Her beauty, as fierce as a flame, and as delicate as a leaf.

Her demeanour filled with adventure and stories.

Stories… that are untold and left incomplete in the canvas of Life.

– SoumyA

~ Being a Majestic Mughlai @ Gulzar-E-Mohammadi ~ #Food_Writing


Gulzar-e-Mohammadi – Its food is as royal as its name. This, “Since 1932” Irani-Mughlai Restaurant, is located at the heart of Pune City – Camp (Shivaji Market).

Is there any beautiful view in the world than the unusual seekh kababs grilling over tandoor, served with a sprig of mint & lemon, and hot lachha parathas being served alongside? No! Definitely not!

This place serves the most authentic Mughlai taste in Pune. Be it Kheema, Chelow Morgh, Butter Chicken or Seekh Kabab with Lachha Paratha – This place is undoubtedly  the best foodie decision to make.

How would I like to rate this place???

  • FOOD – 4.5
  • SERVICE – 5
  • AMBIANCE – 3

If you are the kind of a person who doesn’t mind the ambiance and locality of the place and truly believes in gormandizing and exploring new tastes and delicacies, then this is the place which will never ever disappoint you!




~Begining of an Odyssey~

Have you ever asked yourself that which phase in your life was the most memorable one?
This question takes me back to the first day of my college when I had tears rolling down my cheeks while bidding a goodbye to my parents. A goodbye brought along with it many first hellos from new friends. So there I was, all alone in a hostel away from my home for the first time. I made some new friends and the feeling was different. Yes, I was alone but not lonely. I knew I would experience pressure, deadlines, joys, sorrows, friendship, love, betrayal all at once and I wanted to see even their perception of living life this way. May be they had their new styles of enjoying this new phase of life. So basically I was here to LEARN, EXPLORE, DREAM and ACHIEVE. I was here to realize that sky is not a limit, it’s a destiny.
Each day brought along some lesson to learn. The first fight with my best friend taught me that she is one such friend I can bet my life upon. The first lunch in canteen made me realise the value of mom-made food. The first backlog taught me to face what we must face. The first drink with my friends made me realize that it’s okay to break the rules sometimes. The first love gave me an over the rainbow feeling. The first shopping made me a better bargainer. And there just cannot be an end to these moments. Each first time made me who I am today.
Away from my family, I experienced freedom and a zeal to travel and explore new places, new roads, new journeys, new people and a new pack of memories altogether. I traveled in state transport buses, been to different villages away from the chaos of city life, spoke to local people, did river rafting, paragliding, trekking and meanwhile I realized my love for inking such crazy adventures. We build a mosaic of memories, a panorama of beautiful life and a bond of trust with some crazy friends for a lifetime. The odyssey has been thrilling with many ups and downs giving a bunch of moments to cherish for a lifetime.
Being in the last year of such an amazing college life, I would like to ask myself a question. Would that feeling of every first times had been the same if there was nobody to share them with? Would this college life become special without my friends who always walked along in this odyssey of life? NO.
Another year, and people will sparse away. The beginning of another phase will begin once again. Everything will change once again. What will remain the same is the Memories. Memories, which made me write my book of life.

Well, I have got my answer to the question.
Did you get yours???


Far away from the clamor of city life, there I was to treasure Tarkarli and take back a huge pack of memories… I indeed needed a break from hustle and bustle of this big city, thus Tarkarli became the epicenter of my thoughts that has triggered the setting of beach theme.


As I hear the word Tarkarli, a beautiful picturesque of a serene beach reflecting its shades of blue appears in front of my eyes. I find myself totally contemplated by the tranquility of Tarkarli beach.

To touch the sands of Tarkarli beach one can board a bus for Malavan from Swargate ST Stand in just 320/- . A connecting bus from Malavan to Tarkarli is available at just 169/- . That is the reason I love travelling in State Transport .

As we reached, we were welcomed by the drizzle of happiness all around us…which later continued with a Candle Light Dinner – Authentic Malvani Food… #Yummy  The next day we headed to explore the tranquility of Tarkarli. The Dolphin point and Deobagh beach were a perfect destination to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature…

To take a break from your busy life, Visit the nature’s lap in Tarkarli… extremely Rejuvenated…





I find myself getting caressed by the cool breeze. I look outside my window totally contemplated. The cool breeze takes me along with it to the time of my life when I played, I smiled, I laughed, I blossomed, I enjoyed and celebrated my life. Until one fine day, the echoes of my laughter were long lost somewhere. I turned my gaze inwards for a revealing look at my own self. A life filled with a dread of a demon.

Going to a time when there was a demon who had his hungry eyes stuck upon me for a tasty chance. I was being watched. I was under surveillance just for that one favorable opportunity. My innocence compounded within that room of four walls where I was being molested. Yes, I was being molested by that demon. Unknowingly, I was trapped in his cage. I was tortured. I was blackmailed. I was getting killed by each passing day. I was holding back my tears to let the world not know the story of my life that haunts me. The pain of that incident ate me whole. It was very hard for me to understand, very tough for me to stay strong and extremely impossible to remain that cheerful girl who I used to be.

Then one day I decided, not to fear and fight against all odds. I, the woman, had set his world on fire. I fought back for my rights. It was the beginning of an inevitable end. An end of sorrows, an end of rolling tears, an end to fears and the beginning of being a strength and help for many such children who were a victim of molestation.

  • Written by a Voice of Victory over Dread of a Demon.

~ A rendezvous with clouds in Raigad… ~

So, there I was exploring another beautiful place…discovering some new stories…and totally falling in love with nature…

Raigad, a hill fort situated in Mahad region is a must-to-visit place if you want to keenly explore more about Maratha Kingdom and the rule of Shivaji Maharaj…The Maratha king Shivaji made the fort his capital when he was crowned King of a Maratha Kingdom which later developed into the Maratha Empire…

I was just a rope-way away from the fort and was ready to discover the majesty of Maratha Empire and the royal Raigad Fort… As my journey began in that rope-way, I was paving my way to the top, leaving behind the clamour of city life… There is a nice arrangement for accommodation in the fort itself where in the advantage is that you can anytime have a stroll around the fort and look at the sky draped with thousands of tiny glittering stars during night…For dinner, I gorged on some hot pitla-bhaakri, which seemed to be highly delightful…

The next morning, i must call the most memorable morning of my life… As i woke up, i peeped outside the window of my room…and to my utter surprise, I was all around clouds…or i must say the clouds were all around me… I felt like going beyond the shackles of my busy life…

There I was standing at the edge of the cliff…I fell silent impressed by the elemental force of nature… I fell silent for having seen the best picturesque any eyes could ever see…I could see the nature talking to me…The cold breeze caressed my body…The gliding clouds enjoyed their beautiful odyssey…The trees nodded in reply…And the mountains stood tall in pride…for a moment I was contemplated by the beauty of nature…. I wanted to just dive in that whirlpool of clouds…. I fell in love with the view… After getting mesmerized by the majesty of mountains at Raigad, I was even more excited to explore the fort…

As I began exploring the fort, the locals of Raigad offered me their home-made energy drink, that is – butter milk…After having a little chat with them, i continued to explore the royalty of the fort… I came across a statue of Shivaji Maharaj, map of Raigad, the Gangasagar lake, Bazarpeth and Nagarkhana, Takmak Tok and samadhi of Shivaji Maharaj…. The most exciting element for me was the Takmak Tok… The view from there made me awestruck…It was supposed to be the execution point, a cliff from which the sentenced prisoners were thrown to their deaths… After this amazing exploration, I feel that I have collected a lot in store for my memories… Memories, I would cherish life long… An end to this escapade is looking for another new discovery…

Endings are beginnings in disguise… 🙂

~ A Moment of Ecstacy… ~

I kept moving… Motion of my legs became faster by each passing second…Each forward step took me aback to flashback…increasing speed of my steps, slowly took me to a place where I was standing in a crowd, bidding him a goodbye with a hope in my eyes to see him tomorrow again…Had I knew that would be our last meeting, I would never let him go that day… I re-live that day a lot many times in my imagination…It looks like a barren canvas holds a grey vivid picture of us…where I was waving my hand and he kept moving away from me…

Soon, the loud train whistle, brought me back to my present…the journey from my past to my present was delighting and at the same equally painful…I was brought back to my present for meeting a purpose…A purpose of meeting him… As I moved down the station bridge, I could see that the train had arrived…

With the FEAR tickling down my cheeks, of loosing him another time…a FEAR of bidding him another goodbye…I moved..I  moved a bit  faster this time…With a swift in my motion, I moved…I moved on…Down the aisle, there he stood…waiting for me…longing for me…

Now this time, I ran….Ran faster to have a clear glimpse of him…ran even faster to feel him, to hug him..to have him with me for the rest of my life….

This long run made me win him….there I was in his arms…with all the happiness of the universe around us…The universe that conspired us to be..ONE “FOREVER”…